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Jacob og Karsten Kirk on foraging trip
Jacob and Karsten Kirk scouting for edible mushrooms in autumn 2021.

Who developed the cultivation method and prepared the website?

The two scientists, biologists Jacob Kirk and Karsten Kirk, jointly developed the method for controlled cultivation of black morels in collaboration with KVL and KU, as mentioned in point two. This section also shows how the research has been financed, including not least that Kunststof Holding ApS has covered all costs of the project from September 2008.

As for the website itself, Jacob Kirk and Karsten Kirk prepared the written material, while the three videos were filmed and edited by Helena Kirk (Helena Kirk ApS) and Lennert Kools (company: Lennert Kools). All photos on the website were taken by Jacob Kirk, Karsten Kirk, Helena Kirk, and Lennert Kools. Helena Kirk also set up the website, while Kristian Kirk prepared the technical drawing of the pallet cultivation system.


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